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Drinking coordinator -UV DTF DECAL FOR SHOT GLASSES

Drinking coordinator -UV DTF DECAL FOR SHOT GLASSES

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This listing is for one (1) UV DTF adhesive SHOT GLASS (Cup not included)

🖤 Premium printed UV DTF Decal
🖤 Just Peel, Stick, Rub, and Peel!
🖤 Permanent & Waterproof
🖤 Decal - Size of Decal: 1.8in x 1.8in



Application Instructions:

1. Peel the backing off of the design transfer.

2. Place the transfer on the cup ensuring the design is straight and positioned correctly. (This is permanent once it touches the glass and is almost impossible to remove. Place carefully!)

3. Press the transfer down, working from the center outwards, pushing out any bubbles.

4. Rub over the entire design with your fingers to ensure it has been pressed down evenly.

5. Peel the clear film off and reveal your beautiful cup!

These cups are HAND WASH ONLY!!!

We do not advise putting them in the dishwasher or microwave. We are not responsible for application mishaps.

🛑 Please Note: Not all brands of 16 oz. glass cups have the exact same measurements. They can differ by a couple of millimeters. Our wraps have been measured to fit Libbey glass cans. Adjustments may be


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